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Blue Plate Specials:

FRI 6PM MDT :: The REtro COcktail HOUR w/ Darrell brogdon

FRI 8PM MDT :: Stuck in the Psychedelic Era w/ The Hermit

Featuring Idaho's Best 3X an hour!

Alleged, The Commonauts, Dave Nudo Band, Desirae Bronson, Eric Henderson, Fyberz, The Jerkwadz, King and Queen of the Losers, Mantis, Marching To Sirens, Naomi Psalm, Pop Overkill, Timothy P Swanson, Vault7

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slap some shoes on the kid - he's going walkabout

Phones are better than transistor radios. No really. Did you know you have a Hi-Fi Stereolicious 128-bit 44.1 KHz sound machine in your hands at this very instant? It's true.

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